Friday, February 4, 2011

Americans Will Flock Into $5,000 Gold and $500 Silver

NIA Update
February 4,2011

Egypt's rioting and civil unrest will spread worldwide as competitive currency depreciation sets up a 2015 financial catastrophe. Americans, who are currently living in multimillion dollar homes rent free watching American Idol and Jersey Shore, will soon flock like sheep into $5,000 per ounce gold and $500 per ounce silver.


Anonymous said...

Much as I believe in PMs as being a store of value... I DON'T look to them as being this lotto ticket to riches.

As such I don't urge others to embrace PMs nor do I belittle those that eschew them.
In fact, I view evangelism as being in bad taste ... in many respects.

Time will tell, however if $5000 per oz gold comes about then I'll no doubt have larger issues to deal with than being joyful over my gold appreciation.

Yep, I'll be too busy fighting off zombies.

Craig said...

I agree with your comment of "PM's not being a lotto ticket to riches". On the other hand as I wrote in my article "Dangers of the Mob Mentality and the Coming Dollar Collapse" on 1/13 I think our government had set us on a course that can only lead to the collapse of the dolar. In the event of a collapse of the dollar, any hard asset will be a store of your personal savings, not just PM's.

I personally view PM's as an insurance policy against whatever may lie ahead in the future. I feel that everyone should own some physical PM's as well as have a good supply of stored food on hand. Because you just never know what the future may bring.


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