Silver is becoming a rare earth metal and it is extremely undervalued. Silver is set to become extinct by year 2020 according to geologists as it is estimated that only 300 millions ounces are left in the ground. This is because silver is a consumable industrial metal which due to it's realitivly low price is rarely recycled. In refined form above ground, such as in bars & coins, silver is more rare than gold! Few realize or know this!

Too big too fail banks like JPM and HSBC have been artificially manipulating the price of silver and gold, scamming the tax payer, and ultimately will lead to the biggest financial disaster in the history of human financial civilization. Over the course of the past year these banks have been working overtime to keep the price of silver supressed but it appears that the end is drawing near for their scheme as prices comtinue to rise dispite their best efforts to comtrol the market. The run on the COMEX has begun.

   Here are several animated cartoons which were created to give the details of the silver manipulation scheme by these banks, mainly JP Morgan who has the largest concentration of unbacked silver paper ETF's. After you view these videos you will have a better understanding of the current silver market and see why the price of silver is set to explode upward at anytime.

For the best daily commentary of the ongoing saga in the silver market I highly recommend visiting Harvey Organ's Blog for the best analysis out there.


Now here is a short video where Max Keiser and Rep. Alan Greyson do their part to expose JP Morgans manipulation scheme. A must watch!