Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Sign Of Just How Quickly The Looting Will Start When The SHTF

Looters arrested at Sunset Hills tornado damage
by: Craig Hasten

One of our readers here at The Warning Signs forwarded me a video from the Weather Channel in which they pointed out the problem with looters in an area that was recently hit by a tornado (thanks Dan). This immediately grabbed my attention and prompted me to investigate whether this was an isolated incident or an ongoing problem in these areas. In a matter of minutes I was able to find dozens of news articles reporting the problem of looters preying on victims in the recent tornado stricken areas.

In recent articles I have discussed what kind of threat you will be facing in the event of an economic collapse or a widespread natural disaster in this country. All one has to do is look back at the situation in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina or the infamous LA riots to drive that point home. The argument is often made that those were large scale catastrophic events where one might expect the bottom feeders of our society to rear their ugly heads and so the masses were not alarmed by the actions during those events.

But look at these recent reports of the looters coming out in full force in these small isolates incidents involving these tornado stricken areas. This just drives to point home that no matter how big or small the opportunity, trashy will be out to prey on the situation and take from you whatever he wants.

So what is your contingency plan if you find yourself in an event where the looters are coming for your property. Do you possess the resources to defend yourself, your family, your loved ones and your possessions? Believe me when I tell you that when the SHTF these animals will only respond to one deterrent and that is lethal force. But do you have what it takes to stand your ground and defend what's yours or will you become a statistic?

Below are several articles on the looting of tornado victims:


Anonymous said...

Of course I'll shoot a poor idiotic bottom feeder. No sweat, no problem. One less scumbag around is a good thing.

Unified Militia said...

Not on OUR watch! Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood militia!

Unified Militia

Unified Militia said...

Redneck Neighborhood Watch: You loot, we shoot!

Suzanne said...

What good is "prepping" if you can't protect the food, water and other items you have stockpiled for your family? Of course I've got guns and ammo and I know how to use it all!
When the BIG POOP hits the fan... the economic meltdown... I fully expect roving groups of looters to head for middle class neighborhoods after burning down their own. I would imagine that the normal police will be staying home to protect their own families, leaving curfew enforcement to the military. In the first 30 days, most of the casualties will be people shot by the military, people who will have starved to death (the very old and very sick), and the looters that will have been picked off by homeowners protecting their families.
After that is anyone's guess, but I'm kinda expecting some "road warrior" type stuff with areas controlled either by military or gangs.


Not a very good sign.

Cindy Dy said...

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