Dr. Ron Paul and Eric Sprott
Two gentlemen that are not affraid
to tell you how it is!

Dr. Martenson establishes inflation as a monetary phenomenon, defined as the decrease of the value of money, caused by too much money around in relation to goods and services. As you watch this you can see why the Feds constant money printing is causing inflation.

Don't laugh, this will probably happen one day real soon!

   Here is one of the best videos that i have seen in regards to dealing with the current state of our economy. It was produced buy the National Inflation Association (NIA) and in my opinion is a must see for everyone. The NIA is a valuable source of information and I highly recommend you visit their web site if you are looking for information about where our economy is heading in the near future. These guys are dialed in to what is really going on and what the mainstream media isn't telling you. I have included a link to the NIA web site below.