Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Glimpse Of Who You Will Be Facing After An Economic Collapse** Video

What will happen when food disruptions occur, the currency collapses or social chaos breaks out in U.S. cities? This video answers that question by revealing how everyday people can transform into crazed animals who trample other human beings in order to get what they want. Many of us have witnessed this behaviour play out during the infamous annual  "Black Friday" shopping event. We also got a taste of this behaviour during the 1992 riot in Los Angeles as well as the more recent Hurricane Katrina disaster. Here are two videos that offer an example of what you would be facing in the event of an economic collapse. These shocking videos reveals a part of human nature that society tries to keep caged.


Anonymous said...

Must be a scientologist...keeps hammering on "fraudulent" psychiatry...and no one needs a psycho babbler more than the nut jobs at scientology...thetans on 707s in deep space...boy talk about nuts!

Matera the Mad said...

This is an amazing display of unsupportable paranoia. Not that the drugs and chemical diet are innocent, but ignorance and poor nutrition have a lot more to do with shitty behavior.

I really loathe pseudo-intelligent creepshows like this. They do so much more harm than good.

cliffradz said...

Loaded with such HUGE inaccuracies it casts doubt on any true points he is trying to make.

rrr said...

This is a well thought out commentary with true information, valid reasoning, and rare insights.

s b bene said...

powerful stuff - thanks for the thought exercise and reminder that chaos constant.

it is a stretch to cast this behavior as fundamental to human nature. while fascinating, these episodes do not answer the question posed - what would happen under food disruptions or currency collapse? neither food nor currency motivated either la riots or black fri. fully agree we should think carefully about each circumstance, but these are quite different contexts.

the bad actors are not everyday people in my view - they lack meaningful values and disregard social contract. society is right to reject such useless destruction.

trampling people for discounted electronics, burning down your own neighborhood - this is sick but these people are not especially dangerous. their objectives lack sufficient coherence to be meaningful, and fail even to achieve these.

personally i am more scared by those with more grandiose ambitions and strong ability to pursue. not the people focused on stealing a tv and some kinny shoes.

the what if happening right now. the currency is being recklessly trashed, we have a fresh 'humanitarian imperative' in Libya without asking or telling anyone. a bunch of self dealing out in plain sight - the parasitic class would love it if we point guns at each other and distract from the real problems [eg wtf is up with incarceration rate]. we need to strengthen our society because it is not a zero sum game - the opposite.

also: amphetamines were invented in the lab a century prior to being in 'the street'. much of the early 20th century they were otc and used heavily in ww1 and ww2 [and all the others since...]. fine to criticize drugs but get it right - no shortage of factual material to draw from.

Dependant Rational Animal said...

It may be true that all the JUNK in our food and all the poisons pawned off as "necessary" medicines affect our reasoning. I am particularly skeptical about the medication of children (boys) for ADHD (being boys).

But more fundamental I think the cause ultimately comes down to a breakdown in society which is being caused by two things: an entitlement culture and the abandonment of a JudeoChristian moral code.

The entitlement culture which teaches everyone they deserve better, IS VERY DANGEROUS, because if you deserve food, water, shelter, better wages, good health care, etc. then you are justified in being ANGRY when you don't get these things, and perhaps even getting violent when you don't get what you deserve. The entitlement culture makes ALL OTHER PEOPLE unjust aggressors, not co-equal pursuers of limited resources.

Add to this the break down of traditional Judeo-Christian mores, or more specifically the belief in the God who guarantees the rightness of those rules and everything becomes by definition relative. If God does not exist the only thing truly wrong is trying to limit another person with reason when you do not have the physical might to enforce your opinions.


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