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Nuclear Attack ‘More Survivable Than Most People Think,’ Say Government Officials

Article by: EU Online
Dec 18th, 2010

The bomb shelters of generations past? Maybe not so silly when it comes to surviving a nuclear attack, according to government officials who issued a study on emergency procedure following such an event. Their advice?

Don’t flee; just get indoors.
The New York Times says the Obama Administration is on a mission to make sure citizens are prepared if such an attack were to occur. This includes the the federal preparedness handbook they issued to officials in June, along with a more detailed guide for state and local officials that is in the works.
An anonymous source told the times that, assuming you’re not caught in the blast, these attacks are “more survivable than most people think. The key is avoiding nuclear fallout.” This could be as simple as staying in a car for “several hours”, which would reduce fatalities by and estimated 50%. Basements are more ideal. Using Los Angeles as an example, 285,000 people would die of nuclear fallout if they didn’t take shelter. If those people took shelter in a car, only 125,000 would die. In a basement, only 45,000 would die.
The moral of the story is: DON’T PANIC. Also maybe, if you’re paranoid enough and have the time/money, build yourself one of those fancy bomb shelters.


I read this article and the first thing that came to mind were the drills that the schools did back in the 60's. These drill were similar to a fire drill except instead of heading for the nearest exit they had school children crawl under their desk in the event of a nuclear blast. We all now see the shortcomings of that plan 40+ years later.

I would like someone from the government to explain to me how they really think this new, "stay put where you are" plan is any improvement from the old crawl under your desk plan. Please tell me that they don't honestly expect people to believe that in a post-nuclear detonation scenario that we are all going to be safe if we stay put and wait for the government to give the "all clear".

I hate to break it to you but unless you have a shelter with a sealed ventilation system to filter the radiation contaminated outside air, you will not survive. But let's go ahead and play along and say the radiation doesn't  kill you right away. How long do you think you would realistically have to have to stay indoors to avoid the fallout? The government claims that just staying a car for a few hours after the blast would help save you against the nuclear fallout. I personally call B.S. on that one.

But lets keep playing along and say you do as the government says and you stay indoors, patiently waiting for the "all clear" broadcast from the government (which FYI you won't be able to receive this broadcast because the EMP from blast trashed all electronics). How long do you think it will take for the radiation to reach a safe enough level to allow you to come out of your home? Would the amount of food in your home right now be enough to last you for that amount of time? Probably not by a long shot.

I believe the government is only telling people this flawed information for one reason and it's not for your own well being trust me. It's because it is a whole lot easier to identify your body if you are dead in your home or car than laying out on the street somewhere.

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