Saturday, February 5, 2011

TSA Sees Super Bowl as a Venue to Implement Policy

Article by Craig Hasten

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano traveled to Dallas earlier this week to personally inspect the massive security operation surrounding the Super Bowl game and to push the TSA's new “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign.
 Napolitano announced that every attendee of the game will be subjected to their usual pat down procedure as well as heavy restrictions being placed on what items may be brought into the stadium. The “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign was launched in June 2010 in the aviation industry to "enable general aviation passengers and crew to better recognize and report behaviors and indicators associated with new and evolving threats” according to the TSA. The program was also launched in 588 Walmart stores in 27 states in December 2010 and has now made it's way to the big game.

The program which has been sold to the public as a security measure against terrorism, cannot help but be compared to that of a police state. Did the American people really think that the Dept of Homeland Security would be content with only policing you in the airports? Once the public outcry at the airports from the body scanners and gropings died down they quickly announced that they were implementing the same security measures at Greyhound bus terminals (seriously, I think these guys are bankrolled well enough that they are not going to be resorting to the absolute slowest form of transportation in the country). Then from the bus terminals, to the Wal-marts, to television broadcasts, to the Super Bowl. In retrospect they have tightened the noose pretty tight in only 8 months. Within 8 months they have been able to get the American people to accept being radiated, sexually assaulted, having our children groped, adding your name to their "no fly list" is you are not complying with their agenda and encouraging your friends and neighbors to spy on you as they look for "suspicious activity".

But it isn't about security, it's about control.

Does Janet Napolitano truly believe that the American people need to be told to report suspicious activity? What right does she have to speak to anyone about security when as head of the Department of Homeland Security she refuses to secure our southern border? What I find interesting is that though she refuses to address the security concerns of her own country's border. She made an unannounced New Year's Eve visit to Afghanistan near the Pakistan border last year to see first-hand her department's efforts in the war effort there. Her department planned to triple the number of agents in Afghanistan to train border and customs workers, an effort that is partly aimed at curbing the smuggling of cash out of the country.

Hey Janet, I believe we have a small smuggling problem here in the US you might want to address first!

So, as the Dept. of Homeland Security is spreading their propaganda on Sunday and lining up the sheeple for their pre-game groping, I hope America looks back to when you could go to a game in peace and becomes outraged. Because trust me, now that they will have gotten the public used to the idea of giving up their rights in the name of safety, you will be seeing a lot more of this at sporting events in the future.

Just remember, if the Department of Homeland Security isn't spying on you, then that guy in line behind you at Wal-mart will be.


Anonymous said...

I see the TSA scumbags feeling up Men, Woman and Children in our American airports and herding people into the NAKED X-RAY PORNO BODY SCANNERS and tell us this sick crap will "keep us safe"
Yes Big Sis, I see something.
Will these Scumbags feel up Americans entering the superbowl?

Anonymous said...

What is they say? Put a frog in cold water and gradually turn up the heat??? How warm is the water in our country?


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