Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why Are We Fighting the Wrong Wars All the Time?

Word just crossed the wire that the four American hostages being held by Somali pirates have been murdered.

Anybody else had about enough of this?

Why do we still have troops in Iraq? Hell, why do we still have troops in Germany?

If we're gonna be "USA--World Police" shouldn't we be policing where the CRIMINALS ARE?

What happens if we pull out of Iraq? Best case? They learn how to live with each other, Shi'ite and Sunni. Worst case, they crumble into a tribal society and blow each other to hell and provide training bases for al Qaeda. Does anyone think we don't have the technology to keep TRACK of where al Qaeda sets up training bases? Does anyone think we don't have enough DRONES to BLOW UP the bases and KILL all the bad guys?

What happens if we pull out of Afghanistan? Well, we're clearly NOT fighting al Qaeda in Afghanistan since they're all in Pakistan and we wouldn't DARE do anything about THAT with Pakistan being such a great ally and all that.


No, we're fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. If we pull out, the US-trained troops and US-supported government will have to fend for themselves. If they win, good for them. If they can show the people of Afghanistan that THEIR way is better than the Taliban way, good for them.

If they can't, then the Taliban take over and "tough titty said the kitty as the milk ran dry."

Afghanistan will, once again, become friendly territory for al Qaeda terror camps. Again, anyone think we don't have the technology to TRACK those camps, blow them up and KILL them?


Look at the logic of it. Nearly 4,000 Americans died on 9-11. More than that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tens of thousands die from tobacco-related illness every year. Tens of thousands die from drunk driving or other motor vehicle accidents each year. How many BILLIONS are we spending on tobacco-related cancer or to end drunk driving?

Nope. George W. Bush got us all so good and skeered of the al Qaeda "terruhist" boogie man that we spend outrageous amounts of blood and treasure to bottle that which is already pretty well bottled. And President Obama doesn't have the political spine, it would seem, to end it.

Want a real problem to fix?

How about that lawless state in Africa? How about the place where a few well-placed drones and tomahawks might actually do some good. Not all that many CAVES for the terrorists in Somalia to burrow into. If a ship is captured, you send a nice note to the families saying how sorry you are that you had to do this, and you blow the ship out of the water. Pirates will eventually stop this if they realize every time they capture a ship, it gets blown out of the water.

And if they're slow learners? Level out Mogadishu, make it clear we've had enough of this piracy bullshit and we still have plenty of missiles.

End of story.


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