Thursday, March 24, 2011

China Flexes Its Military Muscle

by: The Warning Signs

In case you missed the news report a few days ago about the Chinese frigate that appeared off the coast of Libya I thought I would post a video of it.

What is odd is the fact that this is the first time in history that a Chinese warship has sailed in the Mediterranean. What was even more odd is the fact that CNN was the only mainstream news outlet that I found that reported on this. Apparently the other networks do not see the significance of this event.

China has been working overtime on their military build-up and they have a lot of new toys that they have been more than eager to show off lately. Just in the last year they have unveiled long range anti-ship missiles capable of taking out an aircraft carrier, a new stealth fighter and plans for a new super carrier of their own.

China did not need to send this naval vessel to Libya to ferry its citizens out of the country as it claimed as it had other resources to do that.

It sent this Navy vessel to make a statement!

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China has a lot going for it.