Friday, March 25, 2011

A “Crude” War Against Libya

article by: Doug Hagmann & Joseph Hagmann /

Without a doubt, Muammar Gaddafi is a despicable human being. He’s a murderous terrorist who gained control of Libya in a September 1969 coup and a socialist dictator who is a sponsor of state terror. But he is not the only dictator who is a sponsor of terror, but simply one of a collection of Arab dictators who routinely kill their own people. As U.S. missiles were being fired into Libya, for example, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh called out tanks against the protesters of his regime, machine gunning unarmed protesters demonstrating in opposition to his government.

Last week in Bahrain, the army opened fire on unarmed demonstrators last week as shown in this video. Given the strategic importance of Bahrain to the U.S. over Libya, one is compelled to ask why no intervention or assistance there?

The entire Middle East is literally on fire, yet, the current and sole focus of global powers is against Gaddafi. In consideration of world events over the last decade and even over the last week, a very important question must be asked by all of America and the West: Why Gaddafi and why now?

The answer will undoubtedly make some people uncomfortable and expose the real agenda behind the attack against Libya. It has absolutely nothing to do with humanitarian aid, the spread of “democracy” or protecting those who are rising against Arab dictators and everything to do with a much larger global agenda that could precipitate World War III.

By a United Nations resolution last week that not merely authorized a “no fly zone” to ostensibly protect the anti- Gaddafi demonstrators, but provided the basis for aerial bombardment and missile attacks against Gaddafi. And squarely on the side of “freedom protesters” is none other than al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Interesting, that.

In preparation of reporting the new events, we contacted a high level Pentagon contact this morning who agreed to speak to this agency on the strict condition of anonymity. According to this source, we must look back to February when the orders to deploy U.S. warships and other military assets toward Egypt. While this source admitted not being privy to all of the operational orders of that fleet, he clearly stated that the operation “was not what it appeared to be.” Rather, the movement of naval assets was actually in preparation for last week’s action against Libya, which has been in the planning stages for months.

Globalist backed destabilization

According to this source, there is a rift developing within the Pentagon due to the lack of clarity regarding the actual mission of our military assets, along with a rift that is ongoing in the U.S. Department of State. Barack Hussein Obama, according to this source, is failing to listen to his military commanders, instead favoring the United Nations and other global powers.

“Why isn’t anyone asking how a United Nations resolution, passed on Thursday, could be carried out on Friday? Also, why did the resolution not only include a ‘no fly zone,’ but the possibility of air strikes and occupation?” No one is seeing the larger picture, according to this source.

The larger picture, according to this source and other well placed sources we have interviewed, state that the reason behind the Libyan attack is to further destabilize the region, favoring globalist interests over the absolute impossibility of imposing democracy in Muslim occupied lands.

Arms sales to Libya

In 2004, the UK lifted sanctions against Libya. Since then, British corporate firms have been selling arms to Gaddafi, including those specifically designed to be used against crowds. Perhaps the most telling figure of all European arms sales to Libya, however, is from Italy. According to this Sky News report, Italy has been the largest arms seller to the Gaddafi regime by far, through their own companies as well as front companies operating on their behalf.

It is also no coincidence that Italy is has been Libya’s top trade partner and Italian energy major ENI is the biggest foreign energy producer in Libya. For the answers that appear to elude the major media, or in most cases appear to be better left unreported, one has to look no farther than Libya’s oil fields as being the “deal breaker” in where global interests lie in this fight.

It’s not about protecting the demonstrators or the opposition to Gaddafi, but about protecting the oil and other economic interests of the globalists.

As shown in the graphic (left), Libya exports 32 percent of oil to Italy and 14% to Germany. In total, they export 80% of the production of their oil, including 10% to France, 9% to Spain, and 14% to other European countries.

What we have is a UN sanctioned military operation, using U.S. military assets, to protect the financial interests of the globalists.

Continuity of Agenda

Anyone still convinced that that the UN resolution and the missile bombardments into Libya is for humanitarian purposes and to protect the opposition to Gaddafi should consider the obvious continuity of agenda at play and look at recent historical events. The U.S. led operation into Afghanistan involved Caspian Sea assets and an oil pipeline that was impossible to build and maintain under the Taliban regime. While the Taliban are indeed terrorists, it is not coincidental that the war resulted in the installation of reformed Taliban official Hamid Karzai, who also was a former consultant to Unocal.

While Gaddafi is indeed a terrorist, he is sitting on oil and energy reserves.

The most obvious evidence of an ulterior motive, globalists behind the proverbial curtain and the presence of a globalist agenda at play is the continuity of agenda between the last few presidential administrations.

Although the cause to be on the side of those rising up against the Muslim dictators across the globe and the installation of democracy would be a noble one, it is neither practical or possible.

Instead of cheering the missile strikes like some type of real-life computer game as a show of our brute force against oppression, Americans need to stop listening to the major media and understand what is really taking place. The West needs to understand that we are being played, and played craftily.

The stakes are great and are setting the stage for a future global confrontation.