Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Spent Nuclear Rods Could Be More Dangerous Than The Exploded Reactors

Watch this video from today on the Spent Fuel Rod Pools that are hardly contained and how they're more dangerous as a whole. Maddow does a great job explaining the situation and Princeton Professor Frank Von Hippel is there to confirm what Maddow is reporting.

Now consider that at Fukushima there is a common spent fuel pool located at ground level, in addition to the individual pools in each reactor, which contains over 6000 spent fuel rods into which seawater has been pumped into. This without a doubt is the story that every news outlet should be reporting.


Anonymous said...

The reactor meltdown problem threatens the world. Desperate times require desperate measures. Help could come in the form of people who are terminally ill or from healthy people who want to die and are willing to go in and do some task to help in areas with high radiation. All voluntary of course. Perhaps the families of these "sacrificial workers" could be paid handsomely in exchange for the efforts of these people. There are probably many people that would trade their lives for some economic security for their family. The entire world should be willing to help pay the costs and the costs should be significant - I'd say minimum $25,000 for a terminally ill person to $300,000 for a healthy person. What if you kill 1000 volunteers doing this? $300,000,000 to solve this problem - right now the collateral damage could be in the trillions if it causes the world economy to tank.

Just a thought. Otherwise possibly millions of innocent people who do not want to die may die because this idea wasn't used.

After the volunteer has completed their task, when they get sick, provide drugs to end their lives painlessly. That's better than most get.


Lots of waste