Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Trumpster Speaks the Truth “We’re Tired of Being Ripped Off!” ** Video

The question of whether Donald Trump will run for president seems to be the topic of conversation everywhere you turn. I think Trump is the master of marketing himself and has already decided to run but is just trying to build the hype for the main event. I'm sure trump is a busy man and wouldn't be putting all the effort into this if he wasn't planning on running.

What The Donald had to say here and elsewhere lately gives me reason to pay close attention to him. In this video I agree with his every word he says. I feel it is time for this country to be ran more as a business than a community soup kitchen. Trump is right in his statement that "America is like a whipping post for the rest of the world". It is time for some real change in the White House this time around. I'm tired of seeing Obama bowing every time a foreign leader is in sight, I want a president who will step up to the plate and kick some ass for a change!

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