Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trump 'Trumped' The President

What fun this morning has been…seems Donald Trump has forced Dear Leader’s hand, he has been the only one to do so in all these years, if in fact this is the real birth certificate..time will tell that one way or the other for sure.

Trump’s statement here sums it all up nicely, I loved it, the msm still go berserk with his honesty, something they can’t handle – on both sides of the elitist aisles.

I say too danged bad, deal with it!

Here’s a copy of the long form Obama released today.

Obama is real busy dealing with more important ‘stuff’ today as he stated in the statement he released this morning – yep, he’s off to tape a show with Oprah along with wife in tow to Chicago and of course do three fund-raisers this evening, nothing like the Campaigner-in-Chief we have running this country – INTO the GROUND!

’12 cannot get here soon enough.

Update: El Rushbo weighs in here, well worth your time, I got a kick out of it. Hope you do as well.

“Trump does not eat crow, he eats other people’s lunches,” he added. “He does not eat crow. You could tell – the networks did not want to leave the Trump presser.”


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