Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Zero Tolerance

article from WoodpileReport.com

Remus knows full well talk of black racism is considered racist in itself, usually said to be evidence of omitting a larger reality, or of a crippling deficiency in human compassion, perhaps even of knowingly servicing retrograde causes. He knows it's not cool, makes him no friends and probably gets him on lists compiled by those who believe such a conspicuous deviation from the approved narrative is something to be answered for at a time and venue of their choice. He also knows he can't let it pass.

We have another racist assault in a fast food restaurant, this one particularly well-publicized because it's particularly vicious, but not otherwise uncommon. In the video we see two black women beat a white woman, if woman is the right word for a sex-change person, in a Baltimore County McDonald's while the black employees stand by and watch and chuckle. The victim is beaten bloody until she has a seizure, at which point the employee taking the video, in what appears to be a gesture of solidarity, warns the attackers to flee because the police are on the way, all seen in this video at Live Leak. According to an article in the Mail UK:
She said she was approached by one of the girls, who accused her of 'looking at my man'. When Miss Polis insisted that she was not even aware of the girl's partner, the physical abuse began with the girl spitting in her face. Miss Polis said there was no way to escape the attack, adding: ' Every time I tried to walk away they followed me.' ... During the brutal attack, which lasted for several minutes, Miss Polis was repeatedly kicked in the head and stamped on by two black girls in the fast food store. Staff stood by and even laughed as the attackers grabbed the victim's hair and dragged her across the floor.
This one is bad, one of the worst Remus has seen. If this story follows the usual track, there'll be a barrage of excuses and disinformation from, ahem, 'civil rights leaders' and their cadre and cadets, ending with the victim 'brought up on charges', at least in the media where the usual apologists will solemnly instruct us anew how white society all but forces otherwise peaceful blacks to behave like this, a black jury nullification will clear the perps—to the delight of cheering crowds, and social justice will have been served. Garbage. Fred Reed opines:
Things are bad out in the world, with blacks openly furious at whites and a whole lot of whites quietly so in return. It isn't a recipe for domestic tranquility. A price will be paid... Various voices ask, Was it racial? Of course it was. You don't beat someone into convulsing brain-damaged semi-consciousness over precedence in a line for the bathroom. Ravening homicidal hatred is needed.
The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s undid institutionalized discrimination, codified voting rights and compelled desegregation, with the stated intent of establishing a color-blind society, a brotherhood of equals, a citizenry that could finally go forward together without the artificial and demeaning divisions inherited from the past. A convulsive good faith effort by American whites legislated away every conceivable advantage they might have over others and suppressed every expression of material dissent with draconian remedies. With full faith in the rightness of the cause, the air warm and cozy with chatter of good citizenship and the new dawn of brotherhood, the nation awaited with pleasure the benefits our newly renovated society would bring to all. That was two generations ago.

It's clear now the stated goals of the civil rights cause were never really shared. A Blue Ocean Strategy immediately fell into place, self-assembling victims groups scrambled land-rush style to exploit the vulnerability we so openly and trustingly exposed. The vulnerability is of course "white guilt", our peculiar sense of justice that seeks to set things right not just in our own eyes but in the eyes of all. It's clear now how easily open-ended good will can be exploited, how every engagement with the allegedly wronged provided a fresh tipping point, how eager we were to avoid confrontations—meaning we'd lost before they happened—and how simple it was to transform trivial incidents into an unending moral crisis.

Principle took a battering from which it still hasn't recovered. For instance, it was racist to say some programs benefited blacks almost exclusively, and racist again to propose trimming them, because they benefited blacks almost exclusively, or as the cliche news headline puts it even now: Poor, Minorities Hit Hardest.

Every good faith concession was taken as a weakness, and they were, which invited new demands, and they did. The lofty covenants of civil rights were reworked into unearned indulgences and one-way coercion, taking us ever further from the putative goal of unity and equality. Those who would have benefited most not only failed to hold up their end, or even make the effort, they instead became a militant race-based thuggery by choice, grasping for unwarranted privilege and institutionalized payoffs with no thought of how it diminished them personally and us as a nation, much less how it betrayed and embarrassed those of us who believed in the larger aspiration. For our part, principles turned out to be a mispriced commodity, we were astonished how quickly they sold us out when the market became favorable.

White Guilt has proven so successful a tool for race hustlers it's been codified so even the downright saintly can't escape:
White privilege is a system of advantage to white people in housing, salaries, employment, positions of power and education stemming from a former era of legalized discrimination but whose current beneficiaries need not hold discriminatory beliefs themselves.
Ol' Remus can't see how equality is even possible with this as a starting point. He has, reluctantly but firmly, come to accept blacks as they reveal themselves to be rather than as they declare themselves to be. He hasn't accepted the opinions and demands of self-promoting, overwrought and ill-willed black leaders as legitimate or compelling for a very long time. He accepts racial hostility as racial hostility, not as a manifestation of some kozmik shortcoming of others. The excesses seem without end, the cumulative damage too deep to overlook. Simply put, ol' Remus went back to conditional tolerance, the condition being good will. It's more than is granted him.

As it is we're becoming Zimbabwe in more ways than wealth destruction. Any white person who lives or works in a big city avoids the subway or regional rail other than during rush hour, and some routes even then. They typically avoid taking a city bus anywhere for any reason. Whites, or blacks for that matter, can't patronize certain fast food restaurants with a reasonable expectation of civility or even safety, the otherwise excellent Popeye's for one, and McDonald's is closing in fast (example, example, example, example).

Unprovoked racial assault seems to have become a universal and permanent part of reality, as if it were force of nature where one can unknowingly cross an event horizon and be pulled into oblivion. For instance, any realtor knows what their prospective customers really mean when they ask about the neighborhood schools. Whatever a person may prefer to believe of The Diversity there's less and less room for ambiguity, more and more white folks are having a Moment of Clarity forced on them. Remus is at a loss to see how this can turn out well.

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Anonymous said...

Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa and now the USA...what do they have in common?

Dean Ivan said...


You are right in stating that black, white and other ethnic groups are at risk of violent assaults by black people of poor character. However, the most important part of the piece is where you say that discrimination was "legislated away". Now that is interesting.
I can guarantee you that if you take any ethnic group, subject them to beatings, rape, lynchings, slavery, Jim Crow and untold state-supported horrors for hundreds of years, it is going to take a lot more than "legislation" to correct the profound dehumanization that was deliberately imposed on that ethnic group.
In order for slavery to work, the best, brightest and morally correct black men were tortured and killed. If female, she was raped by the master and made to bear his mulatto children. Then the children were sold. The process of dehumanizing the African-American was inculcated into every aspect of society. The result is what you now see, the creation of your forefathers. A very deliberate creation. There are libraries full of information detailing these horrific acts. I recommend you visit them, if you can take it.
The detrimental effects of hundreds of years of genocide, rape, torture, etc. cannot be "legislated away".
If you think I am mistaken, you are welcome to subject yourself to these dehumanizing acts, imposed by another race and see how you feel in about 10 years. I doubt you would write this column the same way.
Dean Ivan

Suzanne said...

I agree generally, and given that I am in Houston and have seen the effects of the "entitlement" class dragged into town as a result of Hurricane Katrina. By and large, the Katrina refugees increased the crime problem in Houston by over 400%. Any apartment complex they were situated in by FEMA lost their normal residents because of the crime rate, and also had to rehab the housing units themselves because of vandalism.

When the SHTF... these are going to go hungry first, these are going to riot, these are going to be mowed down by the military as they loot their way across the city, these are going to be rounded up and stuck in FEMA camps, these are going to be shot by homeowners.