Monday, May 2, 2011

The Sinking Dollar

by: Craig Hasten

In case you don't follow the US Dollar index closely I thought I would bring you the latest in what I like to call " The Dollar Death Spiral".

The Dollar is heading into uncharted territory as it gets set to pass the all time low of 71.35 set on 4/22/08.

So much for that economic recovery!

With every passing day we are seeing the purchasing power of our currency being eroded away. It's the death by a 1000 paper cuts, a long slow death spiral to the bottom!

Thanks to Ben Bernake's QE programs, trillions of dollars have been added to the money supply. This "watering down" of the money supply so to speak is what's causing the value of your money to go down and inflation to go up. In short, with every passing day it is taking more to purchase less.

I hope you are preparing accordingly and taking measures to help insulate yourself from what will inevitably transpire from the Fed's failed monetary policy and our governments insatiable appetite for spending.

The collapse to the US Dollar!

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