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The plans coming from Washington for the debt limit situation remind me of the cartoon character from Popeye who said:
“I’ll pay you a dollar tomorrow for a hamburger today.”

I believe his name was Wimpy. Appropos for plans that promise to cut a trillion dollars over ten years for a $2 trillion advance today! Yes, Wimpy perfectly describes Republican and Democrat leadership these days.

FEAR THE TEA PARTY! AWD has been saying that for two years. There is little doubt now that the tea party has changed the entire Washington political dynamic! And now the establishment RINOs as well as the pathetic socialists in the Democrat party are quaking in fear of the growing power of ordinary American citizens who have banded together to say “no more!” to the fiscal insanity that has controlled Washington for far too long!

Speaker John “Boo Hoo” Boehner is crying over the fact that he cannot muster sufficient votes from the House Republicans to pass his lick and a promise plan to raise the debt limit. At least he has submitted a plan, unlike our Golfer in Chief! The Dims have not submitted a budget in over 820 days yet want us to give them another $2 trillion to “spread around.” Right!

Americans don’t trust Washington politicians. They have proven incapable of not spending money. They have also proven incapable of keeping promises. So it’s understandable that Americans are not excited about granting a $2 trillion extension to the debt limit on a promise that future cuts will be made. We simply know that will not be the case!

Now is the time the so-called “Tea Party” Congressmen and Senators need to break away from the RINO establishment and create their own plan that does what Americans sent them to do: eliminate the deficit! The federal government grows annually by built-in baseline budgets that grant an automatic 3-10% increase in federal budgets. It is time to stop this madness and start reducing budgets as it is done in the private sector. We do not want a decrease in additional spending, we demand drastic reductions in current spending levels in the federal government.

The freshmen Republicans should hold on to their votes and prohibit the Boehner plan from passing. DB Harry Reid has already said the Boehner plan is dead on arrival in the Dim controlled Senate. So the GOP freshmen should present a plan that, at the very least, holds spending at current levels and does not grant a debt limit increase. Let Obama and the Dims decide what must be cut. They wanted to lead, let them lead!
Social Security by law must be paid on time. So must our national debt. There is money for both as well as funds to pay for the military. After that, let Obama decide what to cut. I suggest he start with the Departments of Education, Labor, Energy, Agriculture, etc.

The Dims as well as the RINO Republicans despise the tea party. They should because we seek the political destruction of both groups. And we will see that soon enough. Next November is the next opportunity to clean house in Washington and retire big-spenders from both parties.

Angry White Dude calls on the fiscally responsible in the GOP to make a clean break from the “dumb ol’ boy” school in Washington. Stop the back-room deals and pay-offs and return government to the people instead of the lobbyists and unions. The GOP freshmen have the opportunity to be heroic statesmen and not footnotes in the history books. Footnotes that detail the financial destruction of the greatest wealth-creating machine the world has ever known.

Are you listening, Mike Pence? Are you listening, Jeb Hensarling? Jim Jordan? Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Mike Lee? Do you know the opportunity that has landed at your feet? You know the right thing to do. Now go and do it! Be bold! The American people are behind you!

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