Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Is Super Congress Constitutional?

Sadly, our Constitution is quickly becoming IRRELEVANT! It seems like around every turn this administration has made a conscience effort to trample on our beloved Constitution.

Yesterday we had the Vice-President Joe Biden call the Tea party a bunch of "terrorists".

Imagine that, the Vice-President calling a group of people who have set out to help preserve the fabric upon which this country was created a bunch of "terroists". (With all due respect Mr. Vice-President, neither you, nor anyone else in Washington could find a bunch of terroist if they hung themselves from the lightpole in front of your house.)

This administration has had only one goal from the first day of power and that is to shred the Constitution as quickly as possible. I am here to tell you that when it is time for Obama to leave office you will not recognize the Constitution. The man promised you "Change", he just did not tell you what kind of "Change" our country would be getting.

This latest disregard for the Constitution comes in the way of the forming of this new "Super Congress" I believe that Judge Napalitano does a great job of describing just how the creation of this new legislative body is unconstitutional.

“The deal would take power from congress and give it to this group. It would fundamentally change the way in which our government works.” – Judge Napalitano