Thursday, February 24, 2011

TSA Harasses 9-yo Boy and Other Train Passengers After Their Trip

by The Warning Signs

Wake up America!!!

When are we going to stand up and declare that enough is enough? Sadly, probably never. As I have been saying ever since the TSA started radiating people and introducing their new enhanced pat down gropings, it's all about control. I covered this in my article about the TSA doing pat downs at the Super Bowl which you can read here if you missed it.

Here you have passengers including several small boys who are not boarding a train but rather have just arrived at their destination.

Here's what a traveler recorded on February 13, after his train trip to Savannah:

"The only bad thing on our trip was [the] TSA at the Savannah train station.
 There were about 14 agents pulling people inside the building and corralling
  everyone in a roped area after you got off the train. This made no sense!
  Poor family in front of us! 9-year old getting patted down and wanded.
  They groped our people too and were very unprofessional. I am all about
  security, but when have you ever been harassed and felt up getting off a
  plane? Shouldn't they be doing that getting on? And they wonder why so
  many people are mad at them."

Well there you have it!

Welcome to America, the land of the  free , oops, I mean used to be free.

Now if you notice its not as if this one family was doing something suspicious and the TSA felt the need to pull them aside for a security screening, because as the eyewitness states, "agents pulling people inside the building and corralling everyone in a roped area after you got off the train".

So, this shows us that the TSA is ready to ratchet it up a notch now. They have gotten the public used to the full nude body scanners and the full on gropings before you board a train or plane, now you are going to get it at both ends of your journey. These folks in the video had already arrived at their destination and disembarked the train, yet the TSA felt it was within their rights to preform these gropings before allowing these American citizens to proceed on their journey.

I would also like to point out what a professional looking setup they have going on. Three folding tables and a laptop computer. This looks more like a Nazi checkpoint than a TSA screening area!

Wake up America!!

Their coming for your FREEDOM!!!

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