Saturday, February 12, 2011

When Will Americans Reach Their Breaking Point?

Article by: The Warning Signs

Those of you out there who follow Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute are certainly familiar with his saying, " When people loose everything and have nothing else to loose, they loose it". What you are about to see is clear evidence of that statement. (Warning: Graphic Language).

It seems that we are witnessing civil unrest in all parts of the globe these days. As the problems in Egypt wind down it appears that the fire has been lit in Algeria now. I have been wondering for some time now how long it would take for civil unrest to break out in America.

As we see this economic depression drag on, you are starting to see it taking a toll on the country. People are tired of being lied to by their government. Tired of watching our manufacturing jobs head overseas. Tired of the government cooking the books in a feeble attempt to paint a rosy picture for our economic future, but doing nothing more than insulting their intelligence in the process. The people are starting to get restless and as Gerald Celente says, they are about to loose it.

Americans are finally waking up to the damage that their government has inflicted upon this great nation. You are seeing more people starting to educate themselves as to the root of the problem and they don't like what they are finding out. This guy in the video is one of those people. When I first started watching the video I thought he was just some nut making a crazy YouTube video but then I realized, no, he gets it! He had educated himself on the cause of this whole mess and he is just really angry at what he found out.
As we watched the events play out in Egypt we witnessed how you do not need the entire population involved in an uprising to overthrow the government, just a percentage. Cairo is a city with a population of approx. 6.7 million, but on the worst days of protest where violent clashes with police were involved, there were only roughly 15,000 (.002%) involved. On the day of the largest peaceful protest there were roughly only one million people involved.

Now look at America, where you have one eighth of the population on food stamps and unemployment numbers still at all time levels. The government doesn't count the unemployed that have exhausted their benefits and are still without work. Food prices are steadily rising as inflation takes hold and those that are barely hanging on will only have a harder time in the months ahead.

At some point we will see civil unrest break out in this country if things don't turn around quickly. It will be driven by anger and desperation. Just as we saw with Egypt, it doesn't have to be the entire population, just a percentage. I know that many who read this will disagree with what I've said, but I bet they have a job.


Anonymous said...

Yes the press keeps trying to push the propaganda that riots will break out in Iran even after the CIA spent $bn in Iran trying to start up trouble but american need to look closer to home because they are being taken for fools and many know it.

Time the bill for 9/11 was paid by Bush & Co or did you think the 9/11 offical story answered all the questions.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for him to bash in the CRT tube and watch it explode.

What we need is more guys like him-but using our politican and Federal Reserve leaders' heads as the pinatas.

As for dafaulting on his credit card-NOW THAT WOULD BE A REVOLUTION!!

Aw, KNOW you want to see it!

You all want to see the Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills BURN to the ground while being sacked and the phony plastic people getting beaten and raped!

Ok, watch the clock-the roits begin soon!!!!...tick..tick...tick

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes yes...I have the ammo (and the beans and bandaids)...but the bombs...that will come later.

What we NEED is MORE raging viedos on YOUTUBE!!

Let us name the targets and set the date and time for the plaza protests -but PLEASE...bring your bats, sledge hammers, and torches.

Also, prepare to visit the bankers and Wall Street rich...NO, not on Wall Street.....AT THEIR HOMES.
Set the targets at Manhattan, Greenwich,CT, Somers, CT, Cos Cob, CT, Stanford, CT, Westchester, NY, Prince County, MD, Palm Beahc, FL.
get ready to advance, occupy, and bring along the "homeless", they could use comfy homes, good food, and are perfect "squarters" during the fight!



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