Sunday, February 13, 2011

N.Korea 'Importing Animal Feed for Human Consumption'

North Korea is reportedly importing animal feed grain from China to distribute on the market for human consumption as the regime struggles with food shortages.

According to Radio Free Asia, Pyongyang gave the animal feed to its military as well as to merchants, bringing down the surging cost of rice.

A source in North Korea said the feed is commonly darker in color than normal rice and is often mixed with chaff and stones.

The U.S.-based broadcaster said lower prices caused by several natural disasters in China last year allowed the North to import a vast quantity of low-quality animal feed for its people to consume, stirring mixed responses from North Koreans.


Anonymous said...

Reminiscent of the old sci fi film with Charlton Heston - Soylent Green, where they recycled humans, whose bodies they got from a campaign promoting euthanesia as a way out of the world mess. Of course not as extreme :-)

Still, lets hope the leaders show the people who nutritious the imports are...


What a horrible country.