Thursday, March 17, 2011

UN Votes To Intervene In Libya

An F-15 Strike Eagle drops GBU-12 laser-guided smart bombs
The UN Security Council has just passed a resolution to intervene in the ongoing crisis in Libya.

Earlier today Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has warned Libyan rebels in their stronghold of Benghazi that his forces are coming within hours and there would be no mercy for those who fight them. This undoubtedly added increased pressure for the UN to act quickly.

I would expect that there have been battleplans drawn up in advance which were mearly waiting for the green light from the UN. In light of Obamas lack of intresest in international affairs these days I would anticipate the initial military action to come from Great Britian or France.


Anonymous said...

I listened to someone supposedly knowledgeable about the situation and they said it would be GB or France to start it off. He said that was bad because their planes are not "stealth" planes. Ours could enforce the no-fly zone without taking out Libya's ground to air assets because they could not see our planes. But, GB and France will have to bomb those assets to prevent a lucky shot hitting one of their planes.

I think that was the jist of what he said.

CRAP, I was hoping gold would go down so I could stock up - I'll bet that isn't going to happen!


Libys a far gone conclusion